Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where are the Heroes?

In the early 70's, I had the great fortune of meeting a man who became a great friend & benefactor.  I was raking rocks around his newly built extension/studio to his house and we started chatting.  Soon after he invited my band at the time to come over & play some tunes for him & his wife.  We did all my songs at the time.  Eventually, he put me & whichever band I was in at the time into a professional recording studio in NYC a couple of times over the next several years.  He even paid me a nominal salary to stop raking rocks, stay home & write.  Unfortunately, nothing ever came of the demos, the band broke up & I moved to Vermont.

I spoke with him a few times after moving, but then we lost touch.  I've always felt badly about not being able to pay back his investment.

Although I sent him every album I've done during the intervening years, apparently they never got to him & regrettably, I lost his contact info, so I couldn't call to see if he got them.  His number has always been unpublished.

34 years later, after not speaking for all that time, we've reconnected. My brother was somehow able to locate his number.  I speak with him in a couple of days.  Can't wait!

This man is a hero in my book.  Aren't too many around...

Here's a song about Heroes.

See ya's

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  1. beautiful story. i love it when people invest in each other's dreams.



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