Monday, August 29, 2011

What rhymes with cup?

I'm currently working on a new song & was trying to find a rhyme for 'cup'.  Not much out there...up, supper, wazzup...nothing to lead me to a new, unexplored direction for a rhyme.  Finally had to settle with:

tell me this pen can write all the words you want to hear
these fingers will go to pick it up
tell me of a magic tea with leaves as fine as hair
I'll bring some in a porcelain cup

I wanted to keep 'porcelain cup' & it all works with the melody & the music, but I would've still have liked to come up with something else.  Never satisfied...

I seem to write songs about relationships & lean in the direction, like the Beatles, of writing songs about peace, love & happiness with an occasional sad song or maybe an anti-war type of thing thrown in.  But I've never been able to write a 'Lovely Rita Meter Maid' or 'I Came In Through the Bathroom Window'!  How did they come up with lines like that & make it into such a great tune?  Amazing...

I remember having a problem with a song I was working on once in which I was writing music to a poem written by my brother-in-law Dominic Hardy.  I was having trouble not only making it all work, but also in allowing myself to just write without worrying about presumed commercial viability.  My son Rama, in his professorial wisdom, said 'just think of it as an experiment, Pop'.  Essentially, just write the tune & do any & all worrying later.  Let it flow, man.  Wiser words were never spoken.  That's why we have children!

Maybe one day, one of my experiments will give me my very own 'Lovely Rita...'!

See ya's

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