Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Piano For All Seasons

Hi all!

So, anyway Peter Wilder came down from the wilds of Vermont & showed me how with a little compression & reverb, the Sampletekk piano module is definitely acceptable.  It's still not the real thing when heard by itself, but relatively enjoyable to write with & sounds really good in the mix.  Thank you, Peter!

A bit of sad & disappointing news was heard recently.  Susan Hosmer, the singer in the band I play out with,  is leaving as she is going back to school.  Susan & I collaborated on a CD a few years ago ( & I for one will be sad to not be performing with her anymore.  Such is life...

So, if anyone knows of a diversified singer local to Burlington, Vermont please let me know!

The music business is a little rough in this never knows how long anything will last.  Sort of like life, I guess.  Maybe it helps us be better prepared for the exigencies of life?

Celeste got this great shot
of Elodie & Rama!
On the brighter side, my wife Zoë & I had a wonderful 2 weeks with my son Rama, daughter-in-law Celeste & granddaughter Elodie in Paris!  A fantastic time was had by all.  Although Rama is working hard at the Pompadeau Center on his research, he still had time to tour around a little bit with us.  Celeste is wonderful in finding hidden alleys with great artisan shops & secret cafés.  Really had a good time.  Got to get this all into a song somehow.

In the process now of taking the songs from my Images & Rhymes CD & making them instrumentals for my publisher.  It's probably a good idea to cover that side of the the music biz, but going back again to those songs I've left behind is interesting to say the least.  A different sensibility in this type of project.  Guitar is the melody instrument.  What sound?  Clean or distorted?  Slide?  Which effects?  We'll see...

By the way, the Prius now has 5,000 miles on it & is behaving beautifully!  Takes corners pretty well, handles great at the very few times I've gone 80mph on the highway & it's now at 43.6mpg!  YAY!  I stop in at the gas station just to say hi once in a while :)

See ya's