Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When did I become dated?!

Too many times, I'm afraid I've received critiques on my material that the songs are good, but sound dated.  How many millennium have artists persisted in perfecting their styles only to become dated or not in favor by the marketing complex of their time.

It's ironic how Steely Dan, for example, doesn't get any air time anymore, but when they do shows, the tickets sell out in 24 hours.  When my band & I do club dates, kids are asking for tunes that came out before they were  even born!  I can't count the times I've heard the request for Freebird!  Ugh.

French Impressionism is still the biggest attraction at museums around the world.  So, I suppose one could derive hope from that.  Of course, many of those artists didn't become popular till after they left this earthly realm.

Is that my karma?  Time will tell...

See ya's

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  1. when i go to shows, i yell "robin!"

    miss you buddy - former ball-buster,




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