Friday, February 26, 2016

For Timmy

Hi Everyone!

I didn't realize how long it's been since I last posted!  I was made aware of it by a wonderful, inspiring blogger/writer named J. Michael Dolan who was kind enough to reply to me when inquiring if he did CD reviews (which he doesn't).  I promised him I'd get back to it, so here I am.

Since my last blog, I've got around 9 new songs in various forms of completion which will inevitably end up on another CD.  After my last CD, Caspian Sky, I even wondered if there were songs left in me which I think is what made me put so many songs on the last CD!  Would this be my last one?!  But it appears the muse is still with me.  I'll never cease to be amazed by it.

Of course, I'm not always in such a positive state.  If I start thinking about the lack of any monetary success from my music, I become a dullard & start whining to my wife & start again to wonder why I go through this.  I didn't sell a single Caspian Sky CD...And I start making excuses like 'well, I'm not playing out, so I'm not getting any airplay, so I'm not selling CD's'.  Typical, right?  I totally forget about all the wonderful things people, including total strangers, have said about my music.

Over the last year I decided to have a go at an original project so I won't regret not trying to play my songs live again. Just to see what kind of reaction the songs will bring or if I can even book the band! It's interesting going about re-learning my own songs.  How did I play that lick?  Why did I write so many words?  How am I going to memorize all of them?!  Is it worth the effort?!

And then, something happens that suddenly puts it all in perspective.  We live about 1/2 block from a gas/service station which is also where we have our cars worked on.  They're honest, wonderful people who've helped us out for over 20 years.  They'd fit us in when schedules are tight, they'd come to the house to jump the car & not charge us & every time we'd walk into the station there was always a big 'Hey, Robin, how's it goin'?'  Timmy & his family, but mostly Timmy over the last 10 years or so, was the big guy at the center of all the activity there.

I walked in to the station the other night to pay for gas and heard Timmy's son talking about his Mom and how she was doing.  I thought maybe her back was bothering her again & I asked about it. Richie, the son, looked at me & said, 'you don't know, Robin, do you?'.  I said 'What?'.  Richie began to tell me that a few days ago, Timmy had an aneurysm in his brain which resulted in a stroke.  Timmy passed away.  He was only 46...

I was totally in shock.  I don't even remember what I said besides I'm sorry.  By the time I got back to my car, I was totally sobbing.  I don't think I cried that much after the passing of either of my parents.  No more the big grin under the dirty baseball cap & bushy beard.  No more the greeting over the phone that promised to make things happen & make us feel secure that all would be good.

As time passed and the final tissue went into the bin, I was once again reminded of the things that really matter in this life.  So easy to forget in the midst of all our daily drama...

So, thank you, Timmy.  For all your help & smiles & for gracing us with your presence even for this short period of time in our lives.

Bye for now. ;)

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