Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New CD - Caspian Sky - finally done!

After 3 years or so of writing, recording, mixing, mastering, scheduling musicians, fretting, losing hair, sweating in a studio with no air conditioning, wearing cut off gloves in the winter in a studio with only ambient heat, cursing at frustrating guitar solos, exulting with arms flung high when my musician friends would bring life to the songs, this labor of love is finally done!

Now in the aftermath as I reflect on it all, as I try to taste the sense of it, try to hold on to it like the finish of a good wine, I wonder will there still be new songs?  Will the mysterious muse still tickle me with inspiration once in a while?  Or is this it?  I never's always an amazing thing when suddenly I'm in the midst of another idea searching for chords & melody & lyrics that haven't been said yet in subtle ways that haven't been tried.  I suppose that's part of where the magic lies...

And so, it's now cast to the winds. It's the letting go & putting it out there & wondering if anyone will get anything from it?

But, as I've finally come to understand, a labor of love means I do this because I have to; I have no choice.  It's what I do.

I think I'll go say hi to my old Gibson J-50 now.  Maybe a little whiskey toast to my old friend.

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