Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Musical Gems

In every musical community there are those players who are just simply gems.  I was fortunate in making myself leave the confines of  my home to go downtown to hear 3 of the best musicians in the Burlington, Vermont area if not the Northeast & on beyond. These were Jennifer HartswickBruce Sklar & Aaron Hersey. It was an absolute delight to hear these dynamic, tasteful & sensitive musicians play in an intimate environment.  I'd been wanting to hear Jennifer for quite a while & I was not disappointed when at last I did.  I've been lucky to have heard Bruce & played with Aaron over the years which is always a supreme treat.  

Those who know me allow for my very selective & particular tastes.  These people are worth seeing & hearing.  I am all the more fortunate for knowing them personally, as well.

Thank you all.

See ya's

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