Monday, August 27, 2012

That picture on the wall!

For the last 30 some odd years, I'd admired this wonderful enlarged photo shot by Frank Horvat in the 50's called Les Halles.  It's been hanging in Leunigs Bistro on Church St. in Burlington forever.  Every time I'd go in there, I'd have to go have a look.  Finally, my darling wife,  Zoe, got it for me for my last birthday & it's now hanging in my office at home.  Here it is:
There's just something about the scene, the ambiance, the kinetic motion et je ne sais pas...

Back to music:  had the wonderful opportunity to have a superb cellist, Suzanne Polk, in for a recording session on a new tune.  Absolutely lovely!  What a beautiful instrument when played by such a beautiful person.

All my best to all of you.

See ya's

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